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Seriously, what am i doing?

Notice: The Fire Nation's Attack Situation

96 days ago

Dear Sinmeowgrans, 

Due to our new Data Center's way to prevent Fire Nation's Attack, sometimes the connection between our Game Server and Game Database might be cut off for a while. 

Hence there is nothing we can do, it's all depends on our data center's system. Because of that, we deeply apologize and sorry for the inconvenience. 

  • Backup Plan

Backup plan will be initiated if only downtime is so long, and our current Game Server cannot pair or connect with the Game Database 

  • How Is It Work? and the Effect 

During the attack, our data center will cut off any international connection. It will make our Game Server unable to connect within the Game Database which our Game Database is located outside Indonesia. Players may will exprience Freeze, Disconnect, and the worst is rollback. 

We currently have no idea how long this will happen, but what we believed in this kind of attack will be stopped once the attacker did not interested anymore or our data center upgrading it's anti Fire Nation's attack. 

Also, no plan yet to move our Game Database to Indonesia. Since we already invest so much on our Singapore Data Center.


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Game Master Administator Good Standing 16 MeowNity Contribution

Seriously, what am i doing?

2024-03-20 13:11:04
Here are the lastest information regarding the Fire Nation's Attack response from our data center:
Hal tersebut merupakan algoritma dari anti DDoS yang kmugkinan mendeteksi sebagai serangan dari blok IP tertentu.
Kami sangat menyarankan untuk tidak tergantung pada databae dari luar server terutama dari luar negeri.
Kami berusaha menyediakan layanan khusus untuk Idonesia, yang diharapkan digunakan dan diakses oleh orang Indonesia.


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2024-03-21 19:19:39

Mantap 👍, berarti udah fix semua origin servernya dari indo nih sepertinya 😀