Meow Slavery

Lagretta: Pstt... Want a slave? I gotchu! Find me in cities and other places

Lagretta: You're wondering what's been happened to the slaves huh? Tch... Here i will give you some useful data on any slave/NPC Bot around the world

To Get your own slave, here is the newest information:
- You need to be at least level 10 to get 1 Slave Slot
- You need to be at least level 75+ to get 1 more additional Slave Slot
- On An Account, you can only have a maximum of 5 NPC Bots (+1 If you have Meowmium)

Bot Termination [AWARE]
Bot Termination is implemented if one of your Characters (Including your Account) bypasses or is against the New NPC Bots Rule.
Here's the summary:
- If a Character is under Level 75 and has more than 1 Bot
- Finding Exploits to have more than 2 Bot
- Exceed the maximum Account Bot

The action? The bot will be not refunded & removed. You will be noticed via ingame mail & warning too. Yet you will still get it's gear
Please do not use NPC Bots on your rarely-played Character/Account. Let's give some opportunity to the newbies.
Bot Auto Dismiss [AWARE]
- All of Your Bot will be auto dismiss while your Account IS INACTIVE FOR 1.2 DAYS SINCE YOUR LAST ACCOUNT PLAYING!
- Each of your registered bot will expire within 1.8 Days of the owner's playtime
Please note, those two things are triggered in different scenario!
If you are wondering what's the stats multiplier and other things about your slave, you can see the information here:
On the note, these stats are also applied to wandering slave/bot in Battle Grounds!
Ever thinking Wandering NPC Bots are too strong in Azeorth? Check the information here:
On the note, these stats are applied due to Wandering NPC Bots can give you loot and honor on kill
Also take a look on the Stats Multiplier => AI Reaction Time
Patch on: — 03/07/2024 12:11 PM
Battleground Queue
- Increasing the number of bots on BG Queue To It's Normal Minimum Players
- And to balance things, it will deduct the honor gain and any gained title from PVP kills will be reset on Seasonal
Patch on: — 02/23/2024 5:20 PM
NPC Bots Consumable
Preventing players from keeping the item used on NPC Bots as consumable. Instead, we kept the Consumable's stats Stacking and did not reduce the Bots's stats.